Lights, Camera, Snap!

Below, you’ll find samples of my photography work. All images have been retouched and edited via Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

This collection of images includes samples from my freelance project work, as well as general photography from times when I really liked something and decided to capture it on “film.”

So, go on and take a look at all of the people, places, and things I’ve captured on camera!

What Can I Do For You?

Still Photography

I can offer photography services on a freelance, work-for-hire and part/full-time basis. I operate with Sony’s mirrorless DSLR series of cameras and an assortment of lenses for a diversity of focal lengths and lighting conditions.

Photo Editing/Retouching

I’m proficient in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for the purposes of color correction, retouching, compositing, and general photo editing.

Aside from polishing up images I’ve captured, I love to restore old images people have in their photo books and now want to digitize for safekeeping. From scanning them in to removing signs of wear & tear and restoring the original color fidelity, I love taking old pictures and making them new again!

Why You Should Hire Me

Photography is both a passion and a craft for me. I take my work very seriously, but also like to have fun with it.

While I’m working to hit my deadlines, I make sure to let the creativity flow and keep the doors of innovation open.

After all, photography is art. It has to be free, bold, and awesome!