What You'll Be Seeing Below

There's so much to share. So, take your time, look around, and find out what I can do for you as a graphic designer.

From freelance clients to internship work to my personal projects, below you'll see samples of my work showcasing abstract art, logo design, motion graphic design, print design, digital illustration, social media artwork, and 3D design.

I hope you like the work I've presented below and consider me for your next graphic design project.

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Services I Offer

  • Video Editing (Long and Short-form Content)
  • Motion Graphics (Specialize in 2D)
  • Graphic Design (Specialize in 2D)
  • VFX Compositing (After Effects-based Compositing)
  • Videography (In-Studio, Live Event, Documentary, Short/Feature Film)
  • Production Assistant (In-Studio, Live Event, Documentary, Short/Feature Film)
  • Screenwriting

Daniyal N. Khan

Berlin, CT

(203) 887-1809