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Currently, I serve as Producer/Editor at 4Biz Graphics and Production Assistant/Camera Operator at Quinnipiac Athletics/ESPN3

Café Leviathan

When Caleb seeks a new business partner for his failing enterprise, things are not what they seem. As his company and loved ones are put at stake, Caleb is faced with the most important decision of his life. Is Café Leviathan his salvation or his reckoning?

Media for 4Biz Graphics

A portfolio of my work for 4Biz Graphics. In all projects, I served as Editor, Motion Graphics Artist and Producer.

Media for Torrington Titans

A portfolio of my work for the Torrington Titans. In all projects, I served as Editor, Motion Graphics Artist and Videographer.

Motion Graphics and Animation Showcase

A portfolio of my motion graphics and animation work. In all projects, I served as Editor, Motion Graphics Artist/Animator and Producer. In some projects, I also served as VFX Compositor, Videographer and Director.

About Me

My Experience

I will graduate from Quinnipiac University in Summer 2018 with a BFA in Film, Television and Media Arts. I have been working as a video editor/producer for the past three years in a variety of full-time and freelance positions.

My Skillset

I possess a sharp eye for detail, which I use to ensure high production standards in my work. I work well under pressure and can produce high-quality content under tight deadlines. I have strong interpersonal skills and have worked with a wide variety of clients- big and small. Contact me for your video editing, motion graphics artist and live event videographer needs!

My Passions

Ideal Job: Director/Producer in Hollywood

Favorite Sports: Cricket, Basketball, Football, Soccer

Favorite Pasttime: Watching a Good Film

Favorite Muse: Screenwriting

Favorite Film Concept I’ve Developed:

Contact Me

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Services I Offer

  • Video Editing (Long and Short-form Content)
  • Motion Graphics (Specialize in 2D)
  • Graphic Design (Specialize in 2D)
  • VFX Compositing (After Effects-based Compositing)
  • Videography (In-Studio, Live Event, Documentary, Short/Feature Film)
  • Production Assistant (In-Studio, Live Event, Documentary, Short/Feature Film)
  • Screenwriting

Daniyal N. Khan

Berlin, CT

(203) 887-1809